About Us

Hey girl!

Fit in the Now was a dream, literally an actual dream with an “ah-ha” moment.

What started as a hashtag #fitinthenow to capture an instagram post about not waiting, not starting tomorrow and no more making excuses about taking health seriously turned into this crazy idea of starting an online health and fitness magazine that is focused on women’s health, and we mean real women’s health. None of the bulls*it fitness industry lies and fluff, we’re talking about the hard work, real deal kinda health and fitness here.

Okay, back to the dream and how you got here, how we got here!  I had written my 2019 goals while on a plane. One of the goals was to be in a women’s health magazine. Ambitious I know but hey, the sky’s the limit right?  I had a dream, and in the dream I was writing an article. Woke up, went about my morning, got the boys ready for school, posted on instagram, someone sent me a message to say they loved how real and honest I am about fitness and health. And I had THE  thought…..

What if I could build a community where we share the real side of health and fitness.  Where we share real stories, real and factual information. Where professionals in this industry who don’t fall into the trap of selling fake promises provide real, clear and honest information. A space where women can share their personal stories and a space where no one tries to sell you s*ity supplements, diets, programs, pills, creams, products-whatever. Where your vulnerability is actually taken into consideration and where women and professionals come together to help each other!

Yeah, this is that space!  FIT in the Now is the real, honest and raw side of fitness and health, we might shake some things up but its damn well worth it. We are a community of women helping other women be the best version of themselves. Fit in the Now means living in the moment, fitting in your health now, being present, embracing life. It represents all of us women and serves as a reminder to make our health a priority!

Interested in writing for us or sharing your story, email us at hello@fitinthenow.com

Welcome girl, welcome!!!!

Xo Denise Ferreira