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Navigating makeup & skincare trends in an online world

By: Tania Monaco, Mom Lifetsyle & Beauty Blogger @Tania2aTee | Growing up, I used to subscribe to all the teen magazines. I loved seeing the latest trends, getting inspiration for makeup and keeping up with my favourite celebrities. This was the only source of information, since the World Wide Web wasn’t a thing yet. …

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My Journey with Ulcerative Colitis

By: Nadia Maffucci Di Rienzo, Founder & Blogger | Gutsy Girl Diaries I have an autoimmune disease known as Ulcerative Colitis (UC).  UC is a form of irritable bowel disease (IBD).  UC is limited to the large intestine and characterized by ulcers that develop in the lining. Symptoms of this autoimmune disease include abdominal pain, intestinal …