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Women of Influence: Rachel Bies

Interviewed by: Denise Ferreira, EIC

“Food is just as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company, just as much as it is about the taste” ~ Unknown

When we set out to plan our next line of amazing women for our 2nd Women of Influence series, this women was on the top of our list. In a world where food is labelled and listed in groups of good or bad, where people are afraid of eating the wrong things and meals are focused on counting calories rather than eating delicious, Rachel brings us back to the basics- showing us that cooking is love made visible, that food brings people together. After a challenging year personally and professionally, Rachel is back stronger and hungrier than ever to continue to share her passion in getting people back into the kitchen, this time she is bringing her life experiences as a new mother, with new passions all while staying true to herself and evolving her brand.

Everyone meet Rachel Bies (aka @thehealthybies)- she is amazingly talented, funny, down to earth and will move her way into your heart…..with food! 

5 words that describe you best? 

Motivated.  Hungry.  Grateful.  Mother.  Impatient.

Tell us how “The Healthy Bies” Started, what was the inspiration and motivation behind it?

The Healthy Bies started when I was still in school for applied nutrition.  It sort of stuck and its only recently with a new baby and trying to branch out into more than food; whether I should transition or not.  The motivation was finding ways to incorporate balance with healthy but real food!

Through your social platforms, you really focus on getting people back into the kitchen and in love with ‘real food’ why is that so important for you?

I really feel that once people get back into their kitchens, incorporating their partners or families – that cooking and meal time can become a ‘thing’ in your home.  Pausing, sharing your day and spending time with loved ones over food.  Still after years of cooking for different venues and businesses, my most favorite thing is cooking for friends and family and nd now my kiddo!

What is your favorite food to cook and why?

I love making either a themed dinner-Thai, Indian, Tapas night and teaching myself to learn recipes by taste.  Its trial and error sometimes but a challenge, or  #cleanoutthefridge nights – finding weird and delicious ways to not waste EOW foods!

As a women’s advocate for health, fitness, natural beauty and body positivity what is one message that you would like to share with the women (especially new moms) who are reading this right now?

TIME.  To the new moms it takes time.  I struggled with how much my body changed and still place expectations on where I should be, but  I’m also really trying to maintain my original message of balance.  If I want wine or a cheese burger, have them, then you know to eat cleaner the next meal/day.   Life’s too short to be so hard on yourself about weight and eating a bad thing.  Whereas developing a healthy relationship with food and your body is a much more sustainable (and enjoyable) way of life. But, we as women, tend to see the spotlight on fit women and it’s sometimes hard to separate the two. 

You are a new mom, a culinary nutritionist, recipe developer, TV personality, entrepreneur, content creator and more- how do you manage it all? Work-life balance does it really exist?

HA!  Am I managing? LOL.   To be honest, some days feel like I’m running my sh*t and some days I barely get anything done.  It’s now more dependent on baby too, if he naps – I can accomplish more but if he doesn’t – he comes first and raising/playing and taking care of us.  As he gets older I think I will start booking a sitter or nanny care so I can get a few hours of work accomplished most days.  After a hard year, I’m also trying to rebuild financially and professionally so I don’t have to work as much/or as hard when he’s older and I can allot more time for him!

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you first started your career? 

Oh man.  So much.  I think especially working for yourself and wellness/nutrition/work is always evolving – that you can’t be rigid and you have to allow yourself room to shift, grow and sometimes do a 180 from your original “plan”.  Also, don’t sweat everything and ask for help. Collaborate and seek people that inspire and challenge you! 

What one piece of advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur who is just starting out? 

LEARN all the things.  When I was coming to an end of school (nutrition) I did 5 different co-ops from naturopath, clinics, meal plans, making skincare and sort of found my niche in between a few things. Find a mentor, ask questions and soak it up.  Read different opinions and books and articles and such,  that all stem in the same field then find your voice in it. 

Favorite quote or words to live by?

 “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients” Julia Childs

What’s next? What can we expect to see from you in the next year? 

Oh man.  A few things!  I’m trying to get off the ground.  A podcast with a lovely friend and woman – womanhood, being a mother and food.  More wellness and lifestyle.  And definitely trying to continue and grow with more honest motherhood content.  I really want to rebrand and evolve, because I’ve changed a lot the last year, you could even say maybe more of my true self after being a less than great version.  I’m trying to hold on to that, to stay motivated and really open myself up to what the next year(s) have in store for me work and life wise!

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