What’s your WOD? Life Work(out) Balance!

By: Lindsay Tompkins, CrossFit Coach , Crossfit Streets

CrossFit defines itself as “constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.” What does that mean? Basically, it’s a training program that builds strength and conditioning through varied and challenging workouts that can be tailored to the individual.

CrossFit prides itself in not specializing, but drawing a variety of movements from areas of gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning.  Through these movements, individuals participating in CrossFit will develop in the 10 general areas of physical skill: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Overall fitness is built by finding a balance in these areas of physical skill. 

Lindsay Tompkins, CrossFit Coach

In life we require the same: balance. Let’s be real though, it’s hard to find balance. We are all busy. Finding time to train and proper nutrition can be challenging when juggling work, family and social commitments, but it’s not impossible. Some of the ideas below have worked for me to ensure that Fitness and Nutrition remain a priority while striving to maintain balance in all areas of my life.

Make your time in the gym count

Choosing CrossFit as your fitness regime is already helping you towards balance.  While every CrossFit class will be different and vary in length, intensity and movements, a typical CrossFit class is a structured hour designed to challenge you with a dynamic workout that maximizes your time while optimizing your fitness gains. Coupled with knowledgeable coaches, encouraging members and an overall fun and inclusive community, it is an unparalleled training environment that is focused on helping you improve your life.  Therefore, by making good use of your time, you will reap the benefits.

Bring your game face when you enter the gym and push hard while you are there. Sure, you are there to socialize & have fun while you do the fitness, but remember the key reason you are there (to improve your fitness and health) and bring the attitude & effort that goes along with that. If you have some extra time, plan skill sessions for after the WOD (ex. 10 minute EMOM of pull-ups & back extensions). Have a plan. Don’t waste time wandering around, chatting and not getting any actual work done. Incorporate socializing into it by roping a friend into doing it with you! We can talk, and move! #fitnesswithfriends

Be flexible with your WOD times

Be willing to do what it takes to get that fitness in. Sometimes that means getting up early to hit the 6:00 a.m. WOD or squeezing into the 8:00 p.m. class on Monday night. It might mean giving up your typical Friday night and hitting a different type of bar (aka CrossFit – in my opinion, way more fun anyways) or skipping Sunday brunch to get in the WOD you missed during Open gym. Early mornings/Late nights can be difficult, but CrossFit has taught us that we can do difficult things. Planning and accountability are key. Get your clothes set up & pack your bag the night before. Tell your partner, workout buddy or even social media that you are getting up at the crack of dawn because this is important to you and then do it. You’ve got this!

Planning & Meal Prep are Key

I know spending a couple hours in your kitchen on a Sunday (especially if it’s nice outside…although can’t quite remember what that’s like, amiright?!) doesn’t sound like a smashing good time but it makes a HUGE difference. If you don’t have nutritious food readily available you will most likely make an unhealthy choice. The reason being is eating well is not convenient. This is especially an issue for very busy people with multiple commitments. You end up out with the family/friends, no healthy snacks and boom drive thru? Or if you hold out until you get home and you haven’t meal prepped, your willpower has probably depleted and boom (insert unhealthy quick food or the first thing you see). Incorporate your family into meal prep. Another option is to coordinate with your friend, gym buddy or colleague to bulk cook and share. You do a bunch of your delicious lemon pepper chicken, Suzy does her pecan glazed salmon and you tradesies.  Meal prep. Try it. Plus hangry is a legit emotion that no one wants to experience.

Think outside the Box

There will be times where you just can’t get make it into a session:

  • Hit a home WOD
  • Incorporate your family, especially if you have Children. It is so important to model our healthy active lifestyle in front of our children
    • Kids are happy to climb on your back for a weighted plank or push-up.
    • Handstand practice in the park.
    • Lunge, everywhere.
    • Burpee, anywhere.
    • Run, forwards, sideways, backwards. #move
  • Stretch/Mobility at home
    • While you watch TV.
    • Band work or lacrosse ball while you cook.
  • Visit another CrossFit box on vacation or hit the resort gym
    • People do this without being told to… it’s fun!
  • At the Office
    • Encourage a colleague to walk the stairs with you.
    • Close the door to your office door and do some push-ups & dips.

I know it is challenging. I would say especially so if you have a family to take care of. However, I think it is important to take care of yourself so you can take care of them. The whole put your mask on before you put it on another deal, right?!

Love, Coach LT

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