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Women of Influence: Tina Singh, Mom Boss of 3

It is said that “no one is too small to have an impact” and when you realize that your voice can have an impact not only in your life but in others then you need to speak louder and often.

Meet Tina Singh, a women who’s vision to bring the discussion of cultural diversity to the forefront of social media has been a voice of education, inspiration and most importantly she has been a voice of impact.

Tina, known as Mom Boss of 3 speaks openly about cultural diversity, racism, motherhood, marriage, family , culture- she bring it all to the table as she opens up her life with the community she has built on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Tina Singh, Mom Boss of 3

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Tina to learn more about the powerful women behind “Mom Boss of 3”

5 words that describe you best?

Ambitious, Responsible, Authentic, Leader, Opinionated

How did “Mom Boss of 3” come to be? How did it all start?

I had just had my 3rd kid and I realized that time was flying by so fast. I was never great at taking pictures and videos of the kids and I thought starting a YouTube channel would be a great way to create a permanent memory for my family. So it really started as a way to capture the time in my life with young children. As I continued to upload content and connect with other women, I realized that I had an opportunity to share my life and it’s journey to an audience who could relate. Connecting with other women is why I continue to be a content creator and the best part of my job.

Tina & Herpeet (Tina’s husband)

We love how you use your platform to speak about diversity and bring it to the forefront of your viewers/followers, why is this so important to you?

I am a first generation Canadian and a visible minority.I grew up in the 80’s in Scarborough and although it became more multicultural over time, when I was young, it wasn’t very diverse. I remember being picked on and singled out. I didn’t really fit in with any group of friends.

As a parent, I am now living with the reality that my kids will be discriminated against in their life. As a parent, I can’t sit by and watch that. Of course I can’t control everyone and everything but helping to create visibility for my family and talking openly about racism, discrimination and bias is something I CAN DO. Having to deal with topics like this in 2019 is not something I thought I would have to do but we need it more today than ever.

Tina & her family

As a women’s advocate for cultural diversity what is one message that you would like to share with the women who are reading this right now?

I would tell them that representation matters and diversity matters. You should see women who are like you on all platforms.

When it comes to parenting, I get tons of messages from parents asking for more information about my religion, culture etc because they want to educate their children. I think this is such a great thing to do but it can also seem like an overwhelming task. Simply teaching your kids kindness, love and acceptance for people goes a long way. I also often find that people have a hard time asking me questions about religion and culture when they meet me because they think they will offend me. It’s ok to ask questions. None of us learn anything about each other without asking questions.

What do you love most about this online community that you have built?

I love that I feel like I have this group of amazing people who are so supportive of me and of each other. We call on each other when we feel like we need help or feel unsure.  I learn different perspectives and ways of living. I also get to share my message that moms should live their best life in their own unique and wonderful way. There are so many unrealistic expectations placed on mothers and after feeling like I was always failing, I love being able to share my truth; share all the things I wish I had known when I first became a parent.

What do you think is one of the most common misconceptions about being a content creator or social influencer?

That it’s an easy job. It is actually a really hard thing to be able to put your face, ideas and content online. You open yourself up for a world of judgment and to be told you aren’t good enough. It takes a bit of a thick skin to deal with some harsh opinions.

On top of that, it’s a huge amount of work to actually create content. From concept to scripting, filming, editing, uploading, sharing etc.

When working with Brands, what is one thing you will not compromise on?

I will not compromise the authenticity of my voice and the quality of the product. I don’t work with brands I don’t like. I promote what I actually use. My audience knows me and if I’m being unauthentic they also know it.

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I knew right from the beginning that I had a valuable voice and story to share. Every so often something will happen, either a brand deal that doesn’t happen or some hate comes to you online and you can start to question your value and why people follow you. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years and it wasn’t until very recently that I discovered and confirmed my worth in the online space. My story is a valuable one but it took me a long time to realize it.

What advice would you give to an aspiring mom blogger/content creator?

Do what you love. Talk about what you love and what you are passionate about. Start it like a passion project before trying to monetize it. Make sure you are being authentic and real with your audience. In a world of fake social, being authentic is what sets you apart. You have a story to share and I find the best stories shared are the ones that feel like a coffee date with a friend.

Favorite quote?

I have 2: “This too shall pass” and “Live your best life”

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