Do your research, check out different personal trainers and ask for referrals. Hint – there is a huge difference between a certified personal trainer and a fitness influencer.

By: Norman Burgos, CPT Owner of GetAlpha

Personal training can be intimidating, costly and can come across as overrated. If you’re able to ask the right questions and have the correct information, it will be beneficial to your health and fitness goals. GetAlpha Fitness is here to share some tips and tricks to ensure you find the right fit for you, what the expectations of your training should be and how you can utilize your personal training experience to the fullest.

The Good and the Good… Yes, You Read that Right!

Personal training has so many benefits when used correctly. This is a great step in all aspects of your fitness journey. Whether you’re new to working out, looking to train for a specific event or recovering from an injury – having a personal trainer is a great way to achieve your goals. Once your personal trainer knows your goals, they should be creating a personalized program in blocks of time for your time frame. This is a great place to ask about your plan, you’re using your hard earned money – don’t be afraid to ask your “why’s”; at the end of the day your trainer should want to not only give you the tools to accomplish your goals but also provide the knowledge to continue on your own, if you choose.

Results are the biggest motivators for anyone to continue working hard and following their programs. Working with a personal trainer allows you to not only reach your goals that much faster but it becomes a lifestyle. As a client, you are kept accountable to your scheduled times, ensuring consistency in your daily routine and your results. If you do not see results, this is the time to ask about your program – are there things that could be switched or is this a time where you have to trust the process and your trainer. 

As much as personal trainers are a luxury financially, this is where you can ask about payment plans or different options that you might have. Another option that you could explore, online personal training. Do your research, check out different personal trainers and ask for referrals. Hint – there is a huge difference between a certified personal trainer and a fitness influencer.

Where and how can you find the Right Unicorn? (We mean Personal Trainer)   

There are so many different trainers and avenues to find them; we call them unicorns as it’s rare to find one who meets all your expectations to reach your goals. You can find trainers in big box gyms, online, referrals, and freelance trainers who train in smaller studios or come to your home. If we can add our two cents, references are the single best place to start. You already know someone who has trained with this trainer or has a fantastic reputation, the stress of knowing if it’s worth your money, is minimized.

Online training can be an excellent option for financially conscious individuals, those preferring home workouts, and people dipping their toes into working out or always on the run. When looking into online training, your questions shouldn’t change all that much. Some tips and tricks when perusing online training are: continue to ask for referrals, transformation pictures, ensure your program is tailored towards you and your goals (hint: your online personal trainer should be asking you this).  

It Takes Two to Tango

As much as personal trainers are there to provide you with almost everything – they can’t do it all. They can put you through an amazing workout, four times a week, can stretch you out and provide you with as much knowledge about nutrition as possible BUT the work doesn’t end after your 60-minute session. To not only reach but crush your goals, you need to be willing to put in the work outside of your session. This means as much as your trainer is meeting your expectations, you need to be willing to meet theirs such as eating those greens, drinking your water and putting your all into the program that has been made for you. At the end of the day you are using your hard earned money to not only better your life, physical and mental health but you’re changing your lifestyle. Ensuring that you have the best experience and get the most out of your training starts and ends with you and your personal trainer. Our advice: ask all the questions! A good trainer online or in-person will not only answer them but ask you just as many, if not more in return. Get the most out of your training, trust the process and most of all enjoy it!

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