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What if we didn’t call yoga, Yoga?

By Emma Stubbs, Cert. Yoga Teacher |Owner: Stubbs Yoga, UK

What if we didn’t call Yoga, Yoga? What if it was referred to as moving your body in a way that feels amazing, or “I’m going to my class this evening to help with my mental and physical balance”?

As human beings we love to give things a label and unfortunately the images of “yoga” we see now make it really difficult for us to think of it as something that everyBODY can do.

The most common misconception when it comes to yoga is that you have to be flexible or have a dance/gymnastics background. All of which I didn’t have when I started yoga some 8 years ago, what I did have though was 3 kids under 4, no flexibility, and a mind and body that was completely frazzled.

Yoga increases your overall focus, not just the focus on your daily activities but the focus on YOURSELF.

In a desperate attempt to feel better I discovered yoga and what I discovered blew my mind!

I found that looking a certain way and being able to touch your toes (which I couldn’t do) wasn’t necessary to practice yoga, it was just a tiny part of what it was all about. I practiced each movement and with time, I got a lot better but that wasn’t what kept me going back every time, it was because it was helping my mental health, it gave me a feeling of meeting and finding myself again.

Yoga increases your overall focus, not just the focus on your daily activities but the focus on YOURSELF.


The use of deep breathing and slowing down the breath calms our nervous system, taking us out of our everyday fight or flight mode and into complete calm. For me personally I found I wasn’t as frazzled and could be completely present with my children and with day to day tasks. That is Yoga…anyone who can breathe can do yoga, it’s that simple.

These breathing techniques can be used anywhere to calm you down and help you focus, whether it’s in the office, car or gym. Try this…breathe in gently for a count of 4 and out for a count of 6, take a few rounds of this and feel magic.

If you advance to stepping on your mat and trying some movement keep it simple or try a beginners yoga class and if the stretch or style doesn’t feel nice for your body don’t do it. The ultimate goal of yoga isn’t standing on your head or doing the splits, it’s about getting to know yourself no matter what age, sex or size you are.

So, on a whole if you want to feel amazing mentally as well as physically, if your goal is to be more focused or find something to complement your existing fitness routine or you just want to feel calmer then try yoga. It’s doesn’t have to be the gymnastics you see on social media. Try real yoga, yoga that assists you to become the best version of YOU!!!


If you’d like to read more about my personal yoga journey and what brought me to this point please take a look at my blog: Stubbs Yoga

Stubbs Yoga

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  1. Sue McGinty says:

    A really well-written, interesting article. I always imagined that yoga was for fitness freaks and that it was somewhat hippyish. Emma’s article gives it a whole new perspective. I mean, who wouldn’t want to feel better about themselves?

    1. Fit in the Now says:

      We couldn’t agree more 🙂

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