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4 Things you didn’t know you could treat with Laser!

By Susanna Viana, RN. Owner, Steps to a New You Laser Skin Care Clinic

When we think about ‘laser treatments’, we automatically think ‘hair removal’. Laser treatments can certainly help you achieve smooth silky hair-free skin, but lasers have many other uses! Lasers can treat a wide range of skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, vascular lesions, veins, fine lines, sun damage and many more. Here are four skin concerns you may not have realized lasers can treat!

Laser Treatment for Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, otherwise known of ‘brown spots’ or ‘age spots’ on your skin, occur due to sun damage. Laser treatments target the hyperpigmented spots and the body’s natural healing process will help fade the spots back to your normal skin colour over time.

Laser Treatment for Vascular Lesions/Redness

Many people suffer from some form of vascular lesions on our body, but especially on the face. You may have broken capillaries, redness, Rosacea, Telangiectasia and many other types of vascular lesions. Vascular lesions are basically any dilated blood vessels and/or redness. Laser treatments transmit light and heat through the skin to the blood vessel walls, which helps disperse the blood. This is a quick effective way to diminish vascular lesions.

Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne is no longer a term that is associated mainly with teenagers. Adult acne is becoming more and more prevalent as an adult skin concern. Laser treatments for acne are directed at the Propionibacteruim acnes, ‘P. acnes’, is the bacteria that causes acne outbreaks. The heat energy then coagulates the blood vessels that would normally nourish the acne lesions, and therefore help fade the redness associated with an acne lesion.

Laser Treatment for Anti-Aging

If you are looking for non-invasive ways to achieve smoother younger looking skin, anti-aging laser treatments are the way to go! Anti-aging laser treatments will improve skin tone, texture, decrease pore size, soften fine lines, and reduce effects of sun damage by rebuilding your body’s own collagen production. Skin rejuvenation is a great way to brighten that tired looking skin!

While laser hair removal is a great treatment which has been around for many years, there are so many other benefits of laser treatments that will help achieve the smoother glowing skin. Different factors can cause visible skin lesions from medications to sun damage to injuries, but knowing that non-surgical options are available provides us with modern day options so that we can make our own informed decisions for our own care!

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