Why you need more than just a workout plan to reach your goals!

By: Denise Ferreira, CPT, CNC

We spend a lot more time getting back on the wagon then actually learning how to stay on it.

Here’s a question for you- how many times have you started something and never finished? Would you believe me if I told you that 80% of people who make getting healthier their new years resolution fail?  Or that 67% of gym memberships go unused each year and that 70% of women quit after 3 months of working out. Would it shock you if I told you that I’m not surprised by these statistics?

There is only one reason why these stats are as high as they are. People are not prepared to be in it for the long run. Let me explain…

When you make a decision to start a new year with getting healthier, chances are that majority of the people making these resolutions are because they are really unhappy with the way they look and/or  the way they feel. This usually results in making drastic changes, creating unrealistic restrictions, jumping on the latest fad diet bandwagon or joining that workout class that all their fit friends are doing without ever trying it once.

When the results are not quick enough- we quit

When you can’t stand the thought of eating another boring salad – we quit

When you’ve been so strict then crave that cookie- we quit

When you hate those stupid classes you just signed up for- we quit

When you are to tired- we quite

When it’s a lot harder than we thought- we quite

Finding excuses becomes a lot easier.

When you are making a lifestyle change you need more than a gym membership. You need more than that online nutrition program you just downloaded, or the personal training sessions you signed up for and the nutrition coach you just hired. Don’t get me wrong seeking professional help like a personal trainer, nutritionist or nutrition coach will absolutely help you, but only if you are in the right frame of mind and you are ready to give it everything you got! You need to be committed for the long run. Meaning you need to shift the way you are thinking about your goal.  That “getting healthier” goal needs to be changed to “living a healthier life”.

Your changes need to be permanent, not short term. The changes you are about to make to feel better and look better are for the rest of your life.  Fad diets won’t get you there, restrictions won’t get you there, fat burning supplements won’t get you there. That article on how to lose 10 lbs won’t get you there and that 10 minute ab workout won’t get you there either.

To start making health changes you need to do 2 things:

  • Move your body. It is meant to be moved and enjoy what you are doing, because if you love it you will want to do more of it. There is no “best” workout program, find what is best for you so however you choose to move, just move!
  • Eat smarter: enjoy your food, watch how much of it you are eating and make smart choices. Choose more greens, better proteins and healthier carbs.

Stop dieting, stop hiding, stop restricting and stop looking for the easy way out.  Healthy, natural body changes takes time. Be patient with yourself, stay committed to your yourself.  Don’t give up on yourself and do not quit!

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